Vintage MAC & APPLE Computer Collectibles

People collect things for all sorts of reasons; they either inherit a collection or have been smitten with something in particular most of their life and just keep adding to it or someone starts a collection for them like every year they are given a green frog figurine for their birthday.  People collect everything imaginable from marbles to tablecloths to computers. My household is no different with the many collectibles we have and my husband has a very impressive MAC –  Apple –  Macintosh collection of his own!

Yes, computer collecting is big indeed especially vintage Macintosh, MAC and the Apple Computer. There is a very large devoted group of folks that have pretty impressive MAC collections. To add to this, folks also have vast collections of iPods. Seems the decade we are in, the years “2000-2010” are known as the “Electronics Decade” for all the iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, MacBook Airs, iPads, Nanos, Shuffle, Touch and more. Not only are all these items functional and truly innovative and they are presented in such beautiful and sleek styles. I mean you buy one of the items and the packaging alone is gorgeous! Despite the tough economic times we are living through Apple continues to report high $$ profits so I guess they are doing something right.

A recent eBay auction for a Massive Vintage Mac Collection went for $10,000 and included some major collectibles like the 20th Anniversary Macintosh   “Spartacus”, the Macintosh XL (Lisa 2)   “Lisa” and the Apple Newton MessagePad 120 and more. The individual auctioning these items also has The Mac Museum in Franklin Park, NJ. Take a look at some of the photos I have included in this article, here you see the MAC Museum, someone’s iPod collection and a man fills his space with nearly every MAC and Apple ever made – WOW!  How many MACs and iPods do you have…enough to start a collection with?? Photos: MAC Museum, Flickr, Gizmodo.

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