Big “TEX” Here We Come!

The Texas State Fair is here and we are heading there for some deep-fried fun! This will be our first year visiting the Texas State Fair and we are pretty excited as we keep seeing pictures of “BIG TEX” the welcoming giant Texan that is stands over 52 feet tall and wears a size 70 cowboy boot and we keep hearing about how the state fair is also known as the “Fried Food Capital of Texas”.

Here are a couple of the fried food winners:

2005 Most Creative         Viva Las Vegas Fried Ice Cream
2005 Best Taste             Fried PB, Jelly and Banana Sandwich
2006 Most Creative         Fried Coke
2006 Best Taste             Fried Praline Perfection
2007 Most Creative         Deep Fried Latte
2007 Best Taste             Texas Fried Cookie Dough
2008 Most Creative         Fried Banana Split
2008 Best Taste             Chicken Fried Bacon
2009 Most Creative         Deep Fried Butter
2009 Best Taste             Fernie’s Deep Fried Peaches & Cream
2010 Most Creative         Fried Beer™
2010 Best Taste             Texas Fried FRITOS® Pie