Where Bloggers Create – Gorgeous Gypsy Caravan

After reading about an event called Where Bloggers Create from My Desert Cottage and this is a recently started annual event that has now been picked up by the magazine Where Women Create and it showcases photos of creative spaces where bloggers create their “magic” and shows how some use their kitchens and dining room tables while others use personalized fancy home offices etc. I thought this was a neat way to unite bloggers and their followers by showing where creative happens so with that I thought hmmmmm, currently my blogging takes place everywhere – when I am on the road, sitting on my couch, sitting in my crowded eBay room, I even write at Starbucks coffee shop or recently at the car dealer while having repairs made, I even blog while sitting on the floor with my Bichon Frise Luna in my lap or sitting propped up in bed next to my husband who too is blogging away on his blogs. I don’t have a “designated” space but if I could and did, I would want a “magical space” a beautiful private hideaway.  A place that is decorated with things I love like vintage linens, vintage porcelains and china, roses and hydrangeas, photos and trinkets of family and travels within an exotic romantic cottage environment.

I have been looking through European decorating magazines lately and it seems that even the vintage cottage chic trend has made it across the ocean to Europe! In a recent British edition of Country Living Magazine towards the back there was a pictorial about Gypsy Caravans and these have been around for 100+ years and still evoke a feeling of romance and adventure that these tiny, beautiful, ornate caravans have. These Gypsy Caravans originate from the Romani or Gypsy people of Europe though many seem descendants from Romania and are said to be descendants of India and the Middle East. Their houses on wheels (caravans) were travelling wagons and highly regarded for their designs, carvings and ornate decorations.  Hmmmmmm…..I could certainly live out my fantasy and create some magic with decorating my own Gypsy Caravan if I had one! Just imagine, a gorgeous Gypsy Caravan could be used as a hideaway, children’s play space, home office, craft room, and as a meditation room or guest room and as a place to blog… Where Bloggers Create space. Who knows, maybe next year I can enter the Where Bloggers Create event with my magical gypsy caravan.

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