Midcentury Modern Madness

With the long holiday weekend, we drove over to Sacramento to go to one of our all time favorite antique malls ‘Midway Antique Mall’. It’s almost like a day-trip to Disneyland for us. If you want to experience stepping back in time to the ‘good old days’ then this place will not disappoint. The mall has that total ‘Midcentury Modern – Eames Era’ vibe with specific ‘rooms’ setup as if you were in someone’s house from the 1950s-1960s. On this visit we found a neat Tiki Room with bar and barckcloth and lots of tiki mugs. Vintage kitchens, lots of those fantastic Formica kitchen-dining sets, and of course living rooms, offices, and more.

We ended up with some awesome finds – a vintage turquoise blue canister set in that awesome lustroware material that is in remarkable condition and the owner shared with us that if we wanted to actually use these in our kitchen (he and his wife use everything they acquire) we could, and to do so he advised putting our coffe/tea in plastic bags into the canisters and that way they would not get stained. We also found some vintage fish wall plaques by Lefton and Ceramicraft, and these neat “stretch” kitty cat salt and pepper shakers. I am still searching for either a turquoise Formica dining set, a hot pink Formica dining set or a turquoise/pink combo colored Formica dining set.

Hope you are all having a nice long weekend filled with lots of good antiquing and junking!!