Under the Sea: Collecting Vintage 1950s Mermaids and Fish

Yasmina Greco Vintage Mermaid Collection Crazy4Me
Yasmina Greco Vintage Mermaid Collection Crazy4Me

I have always loved mermaids, and the 1950s were a time of great fascination with the mythical creatures. This blog post will discuss how to collect vintage mermaids from this era to decorate your home.  My favorite mermaids are from the early 50s made by Norcrest, Napco, and Lefton. I love how whimsical they look on my bathroom walls. I’ll also share more of my favorite finds with you all in this post.

Yasmina Greco Vintage Mermaid Collection Crazy4Me
Yasmina Greco Vintage Mermaid Collection Lefton Norcrest

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Weekend Antique Finds: Mermaids, Lefton Miss Priss & More

It was a gorgeous day here in Santa Rosa, CA. Sun was shining and it was in the mid 60s. I had been spending much time at home recovering from a darn shoulder injury and for the first time in nearly a month I was feeling well enough to head out for some antiquing. We walked through a couple thrift stores but nothing was calling out to us and then we ended up at Whistle Stop Antiques and it is a small multi dealer mall that had lots and lots of shoppers. I had been to this shop before and nearly always find something and today was great as I found a few really neat items. These 3 mermaids are so cute….I haven’t seen faces like theirs before with lots of color on the cheeks and eyes as intricate as theirs. I am researching the maker of the mermaids and can see the 2 smaller ones are signed with what looks like “Doris King” and the bigger mermaid is signed “SL”. I also found an adorable vintage Valentine couple, pair of  anthropomorphic fish salt and pepper shakers, a sweet table runner with embroidered poodles on each end as well as this really adorable vintage Lefton Miss Priss pitcher. We saw lots of Bakelite radios that I wouldn’t mind collecting but I need to win a lotto jackpot first as many have price tags in the thousands of dollars!! Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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