Mid-Century Modern and Tiki Fun

Yasmina Greco Tiki Pinup

Our 4th was a blast! Not because of the fireworks show but because of a marvelous day with my husband who drove us a few hours each way to Sacramento to our favorite antique mall – Midway Antique Mall. It was scorching hot too; when we drove towards home the car dash read 122 degrees outside in the sun!!

Like most mod loving gals, it wasn’t easy to decide on what I would be wearing but I opted for something with some Tiki flair since we were in heart of summer.

Once at the mall, we were not disappointed. I love this place!! Midway Antique Mall has their showrooms all setup like living spaces directly out of the 50s-60s complete with furniture from the era that is available for purchase. This is also a multi-dealer mall so if you are looking for mid-century accents and collectibles you are in the right place. We saw incredible lamps, lampshades, lots of artwork and many from the likes of Carlo of Hollywood, boomerang tables, pillows, carpets, drapes, and more. Electronics too from media consoles, record players, Philco Predicta televisions and more. The kitchens (I have posted on previous blog posts of mine) are also incredible with their actual cabinets, chrome dining sets, and appliances. You will also find lots of collectibles, jewelry, linens, vintage clothing and accessories (I did pick up two purses) ephemera, cameras, telephones, poodle dog and flamingo goodies too. We spent a few hours touring the mall as it is very large and a real feast for the eyes. We had such a wonderful time. Here are some pictures my sweet hubby Gary took, I hope you enjoy!!

Mid-Century Modern Pink Room

Midway Antique Mall Green Room Mid-Century Modern

Midway Antique Mall Green Room Mid-Century Modern

The drive home was hot and long, we stopped off for dinner and were home in time to let out the fluffy puffball Bichon Frise of our’s-  Luna. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th!!