Dreaming of a Mid-Century Modern Christmas

Mid-Century Modern Christmas December 2014 has been a very difficult month. My mother-in-law passed away and we are not feeling that ‘holiday cheer’ this year. We spent the last couple weeks at her house clearing things out etc. The house was built in 1964 and has those iconic Mid-Century starburst details, period lighting fixtures, authentic Mid-Century kitchen and that fabulously pink bathroom. Mom loved Christmas, and she always decorated and made the best holiday treats. We will miss mom very much!!

Here’s an ode to a Mid-Century Modern Christmas;  pics from Pinterest.

Mid-Century Modern Christmas

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tinsel Tree

Mid-Century Modern Christmas

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Pink


Black Friday at the Antique Mall

Vintage Christmas Trees

Okay, so it wasn’t the typical Black Friday where you wait in line with 200 other people in the dark and cold hoping to be one of the lucky ones that score that TV. Rather, it was more of a Holiday Open House at the Antique Society in Sebastopol, CA in wine country where many booths have great sales and lots of holiday items. We arrived around 10:30am there were so many cars, finding parking was not easy. What surprised me most was that there were several dealers pulling in with their carts and bins full of items to set out in their booths; shouldn’t they have done that a couple days earlier? Apparently the Holiday Open House happens every year on Black Friday.

Antique Society Holiday Open House

vintage aluminum Christmas tree

Vintage Primitive Christmas

Vintage Primitive Christmas Display

Vintage Outdoor Christmas Display

Once inside, the mall was packed with eager shoppers. There was a lovely setup of holiday treats and goodies that attracted many. Shoppers in all the booths and actually shopping!! It was great see that folks were buying up all the vintage kitchen canisters, jadeite, painting frames, glass and lovely antique lamps along with vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations.  The mall was nicely decorated. Lots of vintage tinsel and aluminum Christmas trees and ornaments. Some booths were event decorated to resemble a primitive or prairie holiday.

Vintage Mercury Beads for Christmas

We left with a great selection of vintage mercury glass beads and garlands. I am hoping to use these mercury beads and garlands on some vintage bottle brush tree creations and ornament wreaths and putz houses. More to come on these projects!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Vintage Christmas Treasures Are Here

A quick post to let you all know that even MORE vintage Christmas treasures have arrived!! We have just added many vintage Christmas kitschy treasures from Holt Howard, Napco, Lefton, Norcrest, Ucagco, Relpo, Kelvin’s and more. The hard to find Lefton NOEL Christmas Angel bells, Napco Christmas head vases, Relpo planters, Norcrest Christmas Angels, Vintage Christmas candy cane Angels and so much more. It’s time to deck the halls!!

You can find all of these items at Crazy4Me Ebay and Crazy4Me Etsy

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Update and The Best Vintage Christmas Collectibles

vintage christmas

Many of you have been asking where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to as my posting had slowed down this past summer. Well, I can report that we are doing GREAT and have been in our new house for 1 week. The past few months have been really stressful with house hunting and then moving. We have achieved a big goal of ours and that was to own a house in California’s wine country. We are living amidst boxes right now and finding ‘just the right’ place for things. We can take our time now.

But of course we can’t slow down now! The holidays are here! That means lots of incredible vintage goodies being listed in our eBay and Etsy stores. I received a large shipment of the most incredible vintage Christmas collectibles from the 1940s-1950s that include makers like Holt Howard, Lefton, Napco and Lipper & Mann. Here are some pics for you and man are available right now in our Etsy and eBay stores.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and I hope things are looking wonderful for the upcoming holiday season for you all!!


vintage christmas colectibles


trio of headvases


vintage christmas napco lefton





Egg Warmers, Retro Aprons and Vintage Kitschy Kitchen Linens 1940s-1960s

I so enjoy the appeal of a retro kitchen and retro aprons and linens. Retro is so colorful and cheerful! Retro encompasses lots of Anthropomorphic elements from vintage Anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers, Anthropomorphic fruit and veggies embroidered onto tea towels, dish towels and aprons and even Anthropomorphic chalkware wall plaques. EllynAnne Geisel has a couple great books out that bring the love of retro and vintage kitchen linens and aprons to the forefront of today and her website has so many neat downloadable “how to” like making these fabulously neat Original Egg Warmer Designs. Visit here for directions for this fun project! Make the POLKADOT EGG WARMER, APRON EGG WARMER, EGG WARMER APRON, EGG WARMER DRESS.


Shopping the Petaluma 2014 Fall Antique Faire

2014-10-03 08.58.36 HDR

Summer has come to an end…wouldn’t know it though as we are having a heat wave with temps today at 100 degrees in lovely wine country just north of San Francisco. We made it to the Petaluma Fall Antique Faire this past weekend.

This was our 3rd time at this faire and I have to admit it is one of my all-time favorites as we always find some great items!! I will admit that this year’s show however had a bit of a different vibe as dealer booths didn’t really seem to have much ‘wow factor’ you know, those amazing items that you spot from across an isle that draw you in. It felt more like ‘this is what we have left over from all the shows’. Nonetheless, we scored!!

2014-10-03 08.51.32 HDR


2014-10-03 08.52.24 HDR


2014-10-03 08.58.49

The faire was packed with shoppers (it always draws huge crowds). We did manage to find some amazing items like the vintage Black Americana Maruhon Mammy tea/coffee pot and shakers from Germany, adorable vintage pair of Bradley mermaids and another set of pretty Made in Japan Mermaids, a lovely Relpo vintage Christmas girl planter/headvase, a pair of sweet Holt Howard vintage Christmas angel candle holders, a pair of awesome vintage Christmas western cowboy Mr & Mrs. Santa Claus shakers, a pretty pincushion doll from Germany, Napco Christmas angel with fur trim, Inarco Christmas Pixie planter, Italian Yorkie Dog or Shih Tzu, a box of vintage Shiny Brite elves pixies, and some collectible Hamm’s Beer Bears. The Hamm’s Bears were a surprise and not normally something I would have gravitated towards. The dealer had a table full of collectibles from England and these Hamm’s Bear salt and pepper shakers were there and we were looking at them and he told us how he brought them over from England and that they are made by Wade and very collectible and he gave us a great price for the 2 pairs so we were thrilled.

2014-10-03 08.50.37 HDR

We made it about ¾ of the way through the faire before we tuckered out; it was very hot and we were wilted. It was time to get a very cold drink and have some lunch!

Hope you are all doing well. I know it has been a little while since posting but we have been very busy this past summer house hunting an dare moving soon to our house and I will update you all with details!!

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