Pinup Girl Photoshoot Update

Pinup Girl Photoshoot Outifts

Saturday was a DREAM! Had a full-day pinup girl photoshoot compliments of my wonderful husband.  I wanted to bring my own clothes to the shoot and here’s a pic of the outfits – mostly some and flamingo skirt and last but not least my ‘Take My Picture Dress’. Vintage hair and makeup were done – WOW! I am trying to be patient as I wait for the proofs…… I can’t wait to share my pics with you all. Stay tuned–


1950s Pinup Girl Dresses for Curvy Girls Part 1

Crazy4Me Pinup Girl Instagram

Crazy4Me Pinup Girl Instagram

I have always wanted to wear dresses and skirts, beautiful girly blouses too but, with my ample bosom, small waist and curvy hips, No Way could I walk into my local Macy’s and walk out with something gorgeous that hugged my curves in a lady-like way and made me feel and look beautiful. Ladies with my curvy figure, you know what I am talking about. If the dress top fits then it is so big and unflattering in the middle, you look like you are expecting, or, if you can find a blouse that buttons across your breasts, the rest is so big in the waist and sides that you just want to yank it off.

It was this recent Spring, thanks to my husband ( he has a real knack for these things), that I discovered a couple sources for beautifully made clothing, styled after the 1950s-1960s, and had the right looks, colors and cuts to accentuate my curvy figure while making me feel so pretty and lady-like. Here is one of my favorite sources (I will post up additional sources in part 2) 

This site has sizes in XS- 4X, all clothing is made in the USA too!! They make couture for every body and really support and promote body confidence for women. I started out with the below dresses buying them in a 2X so that they fit my ample breasts and then I add a belt around the middle to accentuate my waist/hips. The fabric is so luxurious, all I want to do is twirl, twirl, twirl. And let me warn you, if you are not accustomed to receiving compliments, you better prepare yourself as you will!! I receive non-stop compliments when I wear these beautiful clothes. You can see more of my outfits on my Instagram page –

Jenny Dress in Snow White Print. The colors are incredible on this sundress and it is boned and fused through the bodice to give it amazing structure. I actually wore it for the first time to a high-profile work event, topped with a sunny yellow cardigan.

Crazy4Me Pinup Girl Pinup Dress Snow White Dress

Crazy4Me Pinup Girl Jenny Dress Snow White Print


Evelyn dress in yellow and black vintage rose print. This dress is a vintage style party dress with a gathered bust, side zipper, and matching removable bolero shrug. The peasant-style bodice flatters a range of bust sizes, has a slimming fit through the waist, and then opens up in a full vintage style skirt I have a photo shoot next weekend and will definitely be wearing this stunning dress (stay tuned for pics to come).

Crazy4Me Evelyn Dress Pinup Girl

Pinup Girl Evelyn Dress

Wore this one yesterday and it is my FAVORITE!! The Nancy dress in Blue Lemonade print. It has adjustable straps, a shallow sweetheart neckline trimmed with a tiny lace ruffle, two decorative heart buttons, and a slightly padded bust with a ruched line down the middle creates definition and coverage and a full skirt. Non-stop compliments!! The pattern and colors are so gorgeous, you feel incredible wearing it. Pic of me sitting by a fountain and it was so incredibly windy!!

Crazy4Me Nancy Pinup Dress Blue Lemonade

Crazy4Me Nancy Pinup Dress Blue Lemonade

The Birdie Dress in blue with yellow peony flowers. This was my very first dress from pinupgirlclothing. When it arrived I was so excited to put it on. The fit was really incredible, it hugged me just where I needed it to and all I wanted to do was twirl. The dress has a full skirt, wide notched collar creating a classic, polished silhouette. Finished off with a side zipper and wide matching belt, this lovely dress is made of a rich cotton sateen. I really felt like I was wearing a magical creation from the 1950s (stay tuned for pics, I will wear it at my photo shoot next week).

Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie Dress

Part 2 Coming Soon!!


Vintage Clothing Care Tips for 1950s Beaded Cardigans

Vintage 1950s Blue Beaded Cardigan - Pinup Girl

The 1950s vintage bug has bitten me! I especially adore the cashmere-beaded cardigans. I am starting a collection, much to the dismay of bank account , however, these 1950s vintage cardigans are made from absolute quality materials and the beading work is usually all hand done so there is so much to appreciate on these 60+ year old items.

So, if you are fortunate enough to have inherited some or maybe even purchased your first vintage 1950s beaded cardigan, here are a few tips on how to properly care for them.

Vintage 1950s Beaded Cardigan

Moth Holes: Many cardigans will come with their share of moth holes. You can actually fix the holes using a fine needle and single thread. Sew in a circle rather than line and be very gentle.

Cleaning the Cardigan: Many vintage 1950s beaded cardigans are washable by hand as long as they have a nylon silky lining. A little Woolite will do wonders. Remember to be very gentle. Drying on a sweater rack works really well. If your cardigan has pilling, do not use a shaver, as this will tear the delicate material. Rather, be gentle and pull the pilling off.

Vintage 1950s Colorful Beaded Cardigan - Pinup Girl

Storing the Cardigan: If your cardigan had its share of moth holes, then you know just how delicate and prone to moths they are. If you have a cedar chest, then by all means store it in there. If using a dresser, then folding your sweater with tissue paper tucked into the folds along with some mothballs or moth repellant sachets. This will protect your cardigan and preserve it for many years and wearing’s to come.
Vintage Beige Neutral Beaded Cardigan


5 Tips for Collecting Vintage Spaghetti Poodle Figurines

Vintage spaghetti poodle dogs have so much charm and character. They come in a variety of colors and styles and can be found highly decorated with rhinestones, bows, glasses, hats, playing sports, chain leash with puppies, depicted as fireman, graduating students, band musicians, reading the daily newspaper, snooty, high fashion, smoking, brides and more!

Spaghetti Poodles were made from clay, porcelain, and ceramic; their “hair” was applied in various ways to form various textures to mimic an actual poodle’s hairdo. To accomplish the spaghetti look, decorators and designers would have different techniques like using tea strainers to push the material through it to form strands that were then affixed to the poodle giving it a pom-pom look or swirled onto to the poodle for a curly look. Spaghetti is very fragile and tends to break or chip during the years. Many poodles also have sparkly rhinestones for their eyes and embellishments on their hats and also applied to their collars. Pearls and ceramic flowers were also added to many poodles for decorations on their heads, hats and various parts of body to mimic pom-poms.

Poodles are highly sought after and collectible today. Seems everywhere one looks we are returning to the nostalgia of yesteryear in some ways. Prices for poodles 4” inches – 5” inches tall is around $25.00 – $50.00 and go up from their depending on the rarity and maker of the item along with size and condition. Expect to pay more for decorated poodles with rhinestones and embellishments as well as the larger the poodle size is the higher the price will be.

When you are out searching for your poodle collectibles be sure to give the item(s) a thorough once-over by making sure rhinestones are all intact, spaghetti is intact, paint is not too worn, chained groups are still chained together with their original chains and items that have parasols still retain their parasols.

5 Tips for Collecting Vintage Spaghetti Poodle Figurines

  • Damage: Make sure the tail is intact, as this tends to crack or break off over the years
  • Details: Are all the rhinestones intact, is the paint and color in good condition, are their any chips or cracks to the poodle
  • Chained Groups: Make sure the chains are attached and are original and have not been replaced
  • Brands to look for: Top poodle makers- Napco, Lefton, Kreiss, and Company, Thames, Wales, Classica, Lipper & Mann, and Relco
  • Markings: Poodles should be marked or stamped with country of origin, date, numbers, and have their tags and labels in-tact

You can see all our amazing poodles we have for sale here: Crazy4Me Ebay  Crazy4Me Etsy



Recap of the Spring 2015 Portland Antique Show

Vintage Levis

The Spring antique show in Portland was great fun. For the most part, parking, entry into the show, and vendors were great. There was however so much Easter stuff, some vintage, some not. The usual types of items I love to find at this show just weren’t there. Even my favorite vendors didn’t really have great stuff. Maybe the show is just more to my collecting style in July and October. I was really surprised that there were a couple vendors that simply refused to budge on their prices… they wouldn’t come down event a penny!! WOW! I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything from their booth. I just don’t get it. Oh well, still I had a blast and ended up shipping home a big box of goodies!!

Here are a couple pics of some of the fun items and booths I saw. The ‘Boob Tube’ was a crowd pleaser. I was in a booth where the vendor said he made the boob tube and he takes it tall the shows he’s at and folks always go up to it to take a picture, he said he should start charging a $1 for each photo, ha!

Vintage Boob Tube

Vintage Felix The Cat Clock Tic Tok


Vintage Giant Tothbrushes

Vintage Coffee Sign Ephemera


Getting the Cork Out When Stuck Inside Your Salt or Pepper Shaker

Vintage Anthropomorphic PY Blue Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Anthropomorphic PY Blue Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers

This a tip for all you salt and pepper shaker collectors for getting the stopper out that ended up inside your shaker. Usually you will have this problem with vintage cork stoppers as they tend to dry out and get brittle and if you fiddle with it…inside it goes.  Here is a picture of my latest shaker addition; it is a vintage Blue bird made by PY Japan and darn it, the cork stopper is inside. I take a sturdy toothpick and very carefully insert it into a sturdy area in the cork and slowly but surely with some light coxing out comes the stopper!! I find the toothpick is solid and strong enough but not too strong that it will break the cork as the last thing you want is your cork coming out in multiple crumbled bits and pieces.  It might take you a few tries with the toothpick but be gentle and go about slowly and you will be so relieved when that cork is pulled out . Once the old cork is out, you can clean it or replace it with a better fitting stopper. Hope this tip is helpful to you!!Cork Stuck Inside Shaker

Cork Stuck Inside Shaker