Visiting Antiques on Second in Napa, Califorinia

Antiques on Second Napa CA

What to do in Napa, CA? Okay, so if wine tasting and visiting wineries isn’t your thing, head to downtown Napa where amongst other things you will find Antiques on Second. This is such a fun place to hunt and shop and you will no doubt be surprised by the shop setup and the many goodies inside. Antiques on Second is a multi-dealer Antique shop and although has under 50 booths it has a great selection of vintage clothing, vintage accessories, lots of vintage linens, Asian items, jewelry, furniture, figurines, collectibles, salt and pepper shakers, paintings, garden related items and so much more! We spent over an hour in this shop and the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable, the shop is clean and really well setup, booths are merchandised really nicely too. I chatted with one of the staff and Antiques on Second and this shop is the last remaining Antiques shop in downtown Napa.  So, for those of you that love California wine country especially the Napa Valley….. you can certainly enjoy the large selection of antiques and collectibles downtown Napa has by visiting Antiques on Second. Prices are very fair too!! We sure had a lot of fun.

Antiques on Second, 1370 Second St. Napa, CA 94559


Visiting St. Francis Winery

St. Francis Winery

For today’s motivational Monday post I wanted to share our visit to St. Francis Winery and Vineyards in northern California. The day started with a long drive south to meet some dear old friends that were in town for an impromptu getaway. We met for breakfast and had such a good time. Our friends had planned to drive up north and tour a local winery and invited us to join them at St. Francis Winery and Vineyard.

From the moment we arrived, it was like something out of Italy. The location was spectacular and there was an old bell tower and statues of St. Francis himself. The property was stunning! Vast vineyards, lots of lavender and gardens as well as several shaded out-door patios to enjoy wine tastings and snacks.

St. Francis Winery

We had such a nice visit with our friends, found that we are all that point in life where you re-evaluate and priorities change, family and friends are what is important.

Crazy4Me in 1950s Novelty Circle Skirt


Of course, I had to get a little Pinup Girl style in today. I opted for greens! I am wearing The Oblong Shop’s Puffer Fish novelty print circle skirt and although hard to see in tis pic, my Luxuriate fish brooch.


Motivation can come from several sources. You can be motivated to achieve many things weather it’s having a big job title, higher paying salary, becoming a better wife or husband, mother or father, son or daughter. Also, finding joy, serenity and contentment with the simpler things in life, that too can increase motivation to find ways to fully enjoy each and every day.

St. Francis Winery


Add instant vintage charm to your kitchen with 1950s collectibles

I wanted to share my most recent find!! These smiling anthropomorphic cuties just make me so happy and add instant vintage charm. These are all made by PY Japan and feature the anthropomorphic PY strawberry head planter, the PY anthropomorphic pear pitcher and these super adorable shakers that are a pair of PY anthropomorphic toothpaste girls and PY anthropomorphic typewriter girls.

You can see all my vintage Anthropomorphic goodies at my Etsy store and eBay Store 


Things to know when antiquing in Petaluma

Petaluma Antiques

We went to Petaluma, CA for a Sunday of antiquing. It was so warm. I was excited as I got to wear a new dress of mine, the Dolores Doll in Atomic Flamingo print from Collectif Clothing London.  I loved the fit and that it has a vintage 50s circle skirt and lovely pink flamingos amidst a pattern of atomic mid-century modern starburst, tiki and fruits. I added a cherry necklace and red cardigan/belt and my wicker purse.

Atomic Flamingo Dolores Dress on Crazy4Me

Petaluma has some great antique shops, bookstores, and the downtown area is really clean, there are lots of restaurants and coffee shops and it’s a really nice place for families to spend time at.

We went to Vintage Bank Antiques on Petaluma Blvd. N. and it’s an old bank turned into a multi-dealer mall with lots of high end items and paintings along with some collectibles. Summer Cottage Antiques on Kentucky Street is a cute shop with lots of shabby chic and chalk painted furniture items. White Rose Antiques is another fun shop and it is located on the corner of H Street and Petaluma Blvd. and they have a lot of pottery and glass and also a nice selection of lamps. We stopped in at Sienna Antiques on Petaluma Bld. N. and it has a European flair of items from Italy and France with a nice selection of furniture, sculptures, painting, lighting, porcelains and pottery.

Petaluma Antiques Linen


Petaluma Antiques Chalk Paint

Petaluma is located North of San Francisco and it is wine country, you’ll see vineyards along the way as you drive up. Lots to see and do in Petaluma, you will have a nice visit.


5 Inspiring Reasons to Wear Vintage Styles

Vintage Pinup Fashion

New #motivationmonday post-

As this post begins, I want to state the below is based on my personal experiences. I realize that not everyone may have the same experiences but hope you are inspired to try vintage style clothing.

It had been years, literally, since I wore a dress or skirt. Not because I didn’t want to but because the styles I found at my local mall did not suit my figure at all. With a curvy hour-glass like I have, wearing a dress not cut for large breasts just makes you look like you’re expecting as you have to buy the dress to fit your breasts then your so roomy in the waist and bam!! You look pregnant.

Skirts too were problem as they did not fit well on curvy hips and small waist as you end up with too big in the waist or too tight in the hips. No happy medium.

So pants were my go-to. I would pair them with sweater tops or twin-sets as these had some stretch so they would fit my breasts and add some basic accessories like a necklace or brooch to dress up my outfit for work. Same routine each day, pants and sweater tops. Weekends were jeans and pretty much the same sweater tops. Boring! Getting dressed was not fun or an experience but just something that was done out of routine and habit.

Then an epiphany occurred, it felt like the universe shed new light upon me when I discovered vintage inspired clothing styles!

It didn’t take me too long to feel absolutely comfortable wearing my 50s inspired clothing styles. Many refer to this 50s inspired look as Pin Up or Rockabilly and if I had to relate to one it would be ‘Classic Pinup” as I totally love clothing from the 50s and the lifestyle. Below are my 5 motiving reasons for wearing vintage pinup inspired clothing style.

1. New Level of Self-Confidence

When I wear my swing dresses or circle skirts I feel incredibly feminine. The dresses have so much style and flair and are cut to really enhance my hourglass shape. I can wear one of my pinup dresses and even though heaps of cleavage can show, it is all done in a lady-like way so not to make anyone around me uncomfortable. All they see is a pretty lady wearing a beautiful dress. I get non-stop compliments; men look but women and girls will come up to me, or follow me through a store to tell me how pretty my dress is and how incredible I look.

Wearing my Pinup circle skirts too has the same effect. I use to think jeans and leggings were the most comfortable clothing options but I have to tell you that wearing a Pinup circle skirt is much better! If you add a petticoat underneath all you want to do is twirl. These vintage style skirts are so much fun as they come in a wide variety of prints and novelty prints and tend to be really colorful and bright. Add a cardigan and brooch and your look is complete. Again, non-stop compliments are what I receive.

Your self-confidence will certainly be taken to a whole new level and you will shine brightly. Smiles, you will be smiling a lot more too!

2. Love Your Body! Body Confidence

I will be the first to admit that before I started my Pinup inspired dressing, I was very insecure when it came to my body. I have very large breasts and ample hips, curvy indeed but I never wanted to showcase any of it, not even in a proper lady-like manner. I have been married for 15 years and thought as long as my husband loves me, and then no one needs to see me, coupled with the fact that mall clothing was not for me. Well, that attitude is not really healthy as it makes you self-conscious and does not let the real you shine through and you go through your years just getting by in ill fitting clothing that really drag you down.

Today, I am a whole new woman! My husband will even tell you that as well, and my co-workers too. I have a whole new confidence and light. I love dressing up each day and take pride in picking out my pretty lingerie, accessories and clothing. I don’t feel self-conscious anymore. I like wearing well made beautiful clothing that flatter my curves and make feel well dressed and beautiful. I am comfortable and confident in my appearance and body. It really feels incredible to have so much body confidence. I don’t want to be bone thin, I love my curves; and so does my husband.

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Motivation Monday – Vintage Bluebirds


Vintage Lefton Bluebirds

We celebrate the beautiful bluebird as a symbol of love, hope and happiness. Let’s make the bluebird our motivation for this Monday!