Collecting Mid-Century Modern Spaghetti Poodle Dogs

Vintage 1950s Blue Mid-Century Spaghetti Poodle Dog w/ Glasses and Rhinestones Figurine

I have always been drawn to the vintage 1950 – 1960 poodle dog figurines and collectibles. The spaghetti poodles ALWAYS catch my eye when I am at flea markets, antique malls, and junk shops. I am amazed at the wide variety of poodle collectibles on the market today and we of course have the fabulous 1950s to thank for all the poodles on the market today. I am a Bichon Frise dog lover and proud owner of Luna – our 3-year-old Bichon but those cute poodles, I can’t stay away from them!

Poodle dogs have been portrayed and modeled into figurines and paintings since the early 1920s and in the 1950s poodles were at their peek of popularity. Nearly all poodles figurines and collectibles were made in Japan (as was nearly everything else) and manufacturers such as Lefton, Napco, Napcoware, Replo, Kreiss, Thames Company, Reubens, Shafford, Holt Howard, Vcagco, Ucagco, Arnart, Bradley, Artmark, Ries, Lipper and Mann, Commodor, Relco, Inarco, and Tilso to name a few, were all producing some type of Poodle collectible and Poodle ware from vanity items, to chained figures featuring mamma dog and puppies to parasol ladies with their poodle pooches. Poodles were depicted to look like mans best friend, silly poses, goofy faces, wearing sunglasses, and in playful poses and even with bees and flies on their noses. CUTE!

Spaghetti Poodles:

Spaghetti Poodles were made from clay, porcelain, and ceramic and their “hair” was applied in various ways to form various textures to mimic an actual poodle’s hair do. To accomplish the spaghetti look decorators and designers would have different techniques like using tea strainers and pushing the material through it to form strands that were then affixed to the poodle giving it a pom-pom look or swirled onto to the poodle for a curly look. Spaghetti is very fragile and tends to break or chip during the years and I am AMAZED at the many spaghetti poodles I come across that after 50 or 60 years old and still retain nearly all their spaghetti! These poodles were certainly loved and preserved to keep them in this type of fabulous condition. Many poodles also have applied on them sparkly rhinestones for the poodle’s eyes and rhinestones were also applied to the poodle’s dog collar. Pearls and ceramic/porcelain florals were also added to many poodles for decorations on their heads, hats and various parts of body to mimic pom-poms.

Vintage Napco Pink Spaghetti Poodles

Vintage Napco Pink Spaghetti Poodles

Today’s Poodle Market
Poodles are highly sought after and collectible today. Seems everywhere one looks we are returning to the nostalgia of yester year in some ways. Prices for  poodles will vary depending on the region you are located but average pricing for figurines and such are around $29.00 – $75.00 and go up from their depending on the rarity and maker of the item along with size and condition.

I think that currently eBay is the best place to buy your poodle collectibles right now as you will find a vast selection and prices are unbeatable when you can pick up rare poodles for $8.99 and at prices this low it makes starting or adding to a collection possible even in this tough economy. 

Vintage Lefton Tall Neck Pink Poodle Dogs Salt and Pepper Shakers

When you are out searching for your poodle collectibles be sure to give the item(s) a thorough once-over by making sure rhinestones are all intact, spaghetti is intact, paint is not too worn, chained groups are still chained together with their original chains and items that have parasols still retain their parasols.

Oodles of Poodles to Collect:
Poodle dog figurines, poodle dog salt and pepper shakers, poodle dog themed dinnerware and coffee mugs, poodle dog planters, poodle dog candle holders, poodle dog coin banks, poodle dog brooches and pins and jewelry, poodle dog ashtrays, poodle dog scarf, poodle dog embroidered linens like tablecloths and tea towels, poodle dog bells, poodle dog lamps, poodle skirts, poodle dog pincushions, poodle dog greeting cards, poodle dog vanity trash cans, poodle dog lipstick holders, poodle dog wrapping paper, poodle dog aprons, poodle dog plush toys and more as there are also a slew of Christmas Holiday themed Poodle Dog Figurines and Collectibles too!

Vintage Lefton Pink Poodle Chef Jam Jelly Jar 1950s

Vintage 1950s DeForest of California Poodle Dog Wall Plaques


Vintage 1950s Pink Spaghetti Poodle Dog w/ Glasses and Rhinestones Figurine

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Vintage Christmas Cuties, Bottlebrush Trees, Candy Cane Pixie

Vintage Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Shinybrite Ornaments

As we all prep for Santa’s visit in the next 24hrs I wanted to post up a couple of my favorite finds this year. We didn’t get out nearly as much as in years past, not many visits to the antique malls or thrift stores. Dealing with the loss of a beloved family member at Christmas time has been very difficult; she really loved Christmas and always decorated and even collected Christmas and her favorite were the Snowmen. Finding vintage snowmen has not been easy!! Thames Japan made some vintage snowmen and snow lady figurines back in the 50s-60s but I haven’t seen any this year. I did manage to add this adorable vintage Norcrest pixie angel girl on candy cane skis to my collection as well as this over-the-top bottle brush tree, created by a seller in Texas who only lists her trees on Ebay during the holidays. I love the vintage tinsel wreath and diorama along with all these vintage outdoor Santa decorations, no, I didn’t get any of these outdoor Santa’s or the wreath but I spotted them this year and really liked them. To return to a simpler time!! Take me to yesteryear!! Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Christmas, hoping you get to enjoy your time with your family and friends!!


Vintage Norcrest Angel Candy Cane Skater

Vintage Christmas Tinsel Wreath

Vintage Blowmold Santas


Dreaming of a Mid-Century Modern Christmas

Mid-Century Modern Christmas December 2014 has been a very difficult month. My mother-in-law passed away and we are not feeling that ‘holiday cheer’ this year. We spent the last couple weeks at her house clearing things out etc. The house was built in 1964 and has those iconic Mid-Century starburst details, period lighting fixtures, authentic Mid-Century kitchen and that fabulously pink bathroom. Mom loved Christmas, and she always decorated and made the best holiday treats. We will miss mom very much!!

Here’s an ode to a Mid-Century Modern Christmas;  pics from Pinterest.

Mid-Century Modern Christmas

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tinsel Tree

Mid-Century Modern Christmas

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Pink


Black Friday at the Antique Mall

Vintage Christmas Trees

Okay, so it wasn’t the typical Black Friday where you wait in line with 200 other people in the dark and cold hoping to be one of the lucky ones that score that TV. Rather, it was more of a Holiday Open House at the Antique Society in Sebastopol, CA in wine country where many booths have great sales and lots of holiday items. We arrived around 10:30am there were so many cars, finding parking was not easy. What surprised me most was that there were several dealers pulling in with their carts and bins full of items to set out in their booths; shouldn’t they have done that a couple days earlier? Apparently the Holiday Open House happens every year on Black Friday.

Antique Society Holiday Open House

vintage aluminum Christmas tree

Vintage Primitive Christmas

Vintage Primitive Christmas Display

Vintage Outdoor Christmas Display

Once inside, the mall was packed with eager shoppers. There was a lovely setup of holiday treats and goodies that attracted many. Shoppers in all the booths and actually shopping!! It was great see that folks were buying up all the vintage kitchen canisters, jadeite, painting frames, glass and lovely antique lamps along with vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations.  The mall was nicely decorated. Lots of vintage tinsel and aluminum Christmas trees and ornaments. Some booths were event decorated to resemble a primitive or prairie holiday.

Vintage Mercury Beads for Christmas

We left with a great selection of vintage mercury glass beads and garlands. I am hoping to use these mercury beads and garlands on some vintage bottle brush tree creations and ornament wreaths and putz houses. More to come on these projects!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Vintage Christmas Treasures Are Here

A quick post to let you all know that even MORE vintage Christmas treasures have arrived!! We have just added many vintage Christmas kitschy treasures from Holt Howard, Napco, Lefton, Norcrest, Ucagco, Relpo, Kelvin’s and more. The hard to find Lefton NOEL Christmas Angel bells, Napco Christmas head vases, Relpo planters, Norcrest Christmas Angels, Vintage Christmas candy cane Angels and so much more. It’s time to deck the halls!!

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Update and The Best Vintage Christmas Collectibles

vintage christmas

Many of you have been asking where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to as my posting had slowed down this past summer. Well, I can report that we are doing GREAT and have been in our new house for 1 week. The past few months have been really stressful with house hunting and then moving. We have achieved a big goal of ours and that was to own a house in California’s wine country. We are living amidst boxes right now and finding ‘just the right’ place for things. We can take our time now.

But of course we can’t slow down now! The holidays are here! That means lots of incredible vintage goodies being listed in our eBay and Etsy stores. I received a large shipment of the most incredible vintage Christmas collectibles from the 1940s-1950s that include makers like Holt Howard, Lefton, Napco and Lipper & Mann. Here are some pics for you and man are available right now in our Etsy and eBay stores.

Hope you all are doing wonderful and I hope things are looking wonderful for the upcoming holiday season for you all!!


vintage christmas colectibles


trio of headvases


vintage christmas napco lefton