Re-Cap of America’s Largest Antique & Collectibles Show in Portland

Portland Antique Show

I know many of you have been waiting for my re-cap post of the July 11-13 Portland Antique Show in Oregon and it is finally here. My mom had heart surgery while I was in town and then she had a complication so there were quite a few days spent in the hospital. I am happy to report she is now home, recovering, and on the road to good health – YAY!!

Ok, so, my twin sister and I got up bright and early on Saturday, July 12th and headed to the Expo Center. Last year we waiting nearly an hour just to get into the parking lot park the car, this year we waiting only 15mins. We parked and got in line, a long line to get our tickets and get inside when we learned that we needed to get into a different line for purchasing tickets. Luckily there was two of us, so my sister held our spot in the original line and I ran around to find the ticket line…. worked out great, we met towards the entrance. Finally, inside we were!   There were 1,600 booths… the show was primarily in-doors but there were several booths outside and you had to walk past the outdoor booths to get inside the Expo Center. Lots of people attending the show. It was very hot outside and we couldn’t wait to get inside.

Once inside, I noticed right away all the signs saying ‘No Photo Taking’ bummer! I snapped very few pics but did post videos I snuck and uploaded to my Vine account – watch videos here.  I headed for the booth directly in front of me. I couldn’t resist the vintage Christmas goodies!! In case you don’t know, I am obsessed with vintage Christmas items!! I found a pair of Holt Howard Santa Claus candle huggers and some vintage Christmas hankies….I was able to haggle with the dealer and so thrilled that I made my first purchase within minutes of setting foot inside. My sister and I re-grouped, we decided our strategy would be to start at the far end and work our way down the isles.

There was the booth that had aliens, the booth that had so many mannequins, booths that were filled with all kinds of this-n-that, booths that had beautiful displays of vintage and antique toys, tin toys, glass, kitchenware, furniture, clothing, seasonal, chocolate tins and molds, jewelry, etc… there really was something for everyone. Many dealers had amazing setups, their booths were beautiful, and they had their glass showcases too. Lots of care and detail went into setting up their booths and it really showed. I have lots of vide footage here that you can see via my twitter stream @CollectorsTips

I thought the dealers were amazing!! They were knowledgeable and were so easy and open to negotiating with. Many times when we entered booths the dealer came right over to say they will gladly give us a discount and to let them know what we are interested in. All of my purchases were haggled and I got them at a really good price. I should also say that I thought prices were very very good, nothing outrageous what so ever. This was day 2 of the show so I was really surprised that dealers were so open to haggling and were incredibly nice too.

After 4 hours or so, we made our way through approx..1,600 booths!! Good thing my sister insisted we take her baby stroller as it came in incredibly handy to store our purchases and our water bottles too!! We were exhausted. After we made our way to the car and unpacked, I started thinking about how the heck was I going to ship all these goodies back home!!!


Here are some pics of my antique show purchases. The boxes you see are other items I have yet to unpack that I also purchased while antiquing my way through Portland. This trip was quite literally the BEST trip I have ever had for antiquing in Portland, Oregon. Each store, mall, thrift shop had really good items and I had so much fun with my family and visiting all my favorite spots!!

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Happy Independance Day 2014


Hope you are all having a wonderful 4th of July!! Next week July 11-13 starts the big antique show in Portland, Oregon. I will be live tweeting and posting Vine videos live from the show so be sure to follow me on Twitter so you keep up-to-date with all the happenings @collectorstips


Collecting Vintage Lady Head Vases: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Head vases were made in a variety of designs in the 1950s -1960s. But it was the elegant, fashion-model look AKA – ‘Glamour Girl’ that quickly became among the most popular. These head vases have hand-painted features, 3-dimensional thick black eyelashes, ruby red lips, fancy hats, pearl necklaces and matching earrings, painted fingernails, or gloved hands, and hands that would frame one side of the face. Sizes can range from approx. 3 ¾” inches to 8” inches tall.

Glamorous movie stars and fashion models inspired many of the designs of the era; Jackie O, Lucile Ball, and Marilyn Monroe all had head vases modeled after their likeness. There are also Christmas themed vases that feature pretty ladies and girls in holiday splendor with lots of red and green colors and decorated with poinsettias and holly berries.

Prices: Currently head vases can be purchased for $50-$300+ and they can be found on Ebay, Etsy, Rubylane, at antique shops and markets.

5 Tips for Collecting Head Vases

  • Maker Marks: Napco, Lefton, Reubens, Inarco, Enesco, Betty Lou Nichols, Relpo, Norleans, Parma, Japan. Tags and stamps intact.
  • Quality: Well modeled and painted features.
  • Flourished intact: Eyelashes, fingers not broken or repaired.
  • Jewelry intact, no missing necklace or earrings
  • Holiday vases with red and green colors, poinsettias, holly, ornaments, Christmas trees, Snowmen, and Ice-skaters.

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3 Estate Sales = Great Finds Today


On the way to San Francisco today we stopped at a couple Estate sales in Marin County. Lots of people lined up!! The fist sale was not that great, all big furniture and old tools….not what we were looking for. The next sale was pretty good; there were lots of vintage linens and embroidery, books, plants and a collection of headvases in a glass curio up by the register. The elderly lady collected headvases and although most were being snapped up by greedy hands (mine included) I was able to score a couple of them to include a Napco Christmas girl headvase and a Napco ‘Lucille Ball’ headvase as well as a pair of  neat vintage Santa’s playing basketball salt and pepper shakers made by Lego Japan, a vintage Christmas planter of an ‘Ice Skater’ girl made by Reubens Japan. I also came away with a cute, tiny little Herend kitty cat on a ball figurine (Herend makes gorgeous hand painted Hungarian porcelain and dinnerware) and a vintage Josef Originals figurine of a ‘Tilt Head’ girl from the month of July. One final sale we stopped at was so busy, I could barely get by all the shoppers. Lots of things were in boxes, lots of dust and dirt, but just as I was thinking ‘this is such a waste of time’ I find two small hand painted Black Americana demitasse cups that are German made from the 1920s-1930s of two adorable children. The detail work on the painting is exquisite! All in all, it turned out to be a GREAT sale/thrifting day.






5 Tips for Collecting Vintage Spaghetti Poodle Figurines

Vintage spaghetti poodle dogs have so much charm and character. They come in a variety of colors and styles and can be found highly decorated with rhinestones, bows, glasses, hats, playing sports, chain leash with puppies, depicted as fireman, graduating students, band musicians, reading the daily newspaper, snooty, high fashion, smoking, brides and more!

Spaghetti Poodles were made from clay, porcelain, and ceramic; their “hair” was applied in various ways to form various textures to mimic an actual poodle’s hairdo. To accomplish the spaghetti look, decorators and designers would have different techniques like using tea strainers to push the material through it to form strands that were then affixed to the poodle giving it a pom-pom look or swirled onto to the poodle for a curly look. Spaghetti is very fragile and tends to break or chip during the years. Many poodles also have sparkly rhinestones for their eyes and embellishments on their hats and also applied to their collars. Pearls and ceramic flowers were also added to many poodles for decorations on their heads, hats and various parts of body to mimic pom-poms.

Poodles are highly sought after and collectible today. Seems everywhere one looks we are returning to the nostalgia of yesteryear in some ways. Prices for poodles 4” inches – 5” inches tall is around $25.00 – $50.00 and go up from their depending on the rarity and maker of the item along with size and condition. Expect to pay more for decorated poodles with rhinestones and embellishments as well as the larger the poodle size is the higher the price will be.

When you are out searching for your poodle collectibles be sure to give the item(s) a thorough once-over by making sure rhinestones are all intact, spaghetti is intact, paint is not too worn, chained groups are still chained together with their original chains and items that have parasols still retain their parasols.

5 Tips for Collecting Vintage Spaghetti Poodle Figurines

  • Damage: Make sure the tail is intact, as this tends to crack or break off over the years
  • Details: Are all the rhinestones intact, is the paint and color in good condition, are their any chips or cracks to the poodle
  • Chained Groups: Make sure the chains are attached and are original and have not been replaced
  • Brands to look for: Top poodle makers- Napco, Lefton, Kreiss, and Company, Thames, Wales, Classica, Lipper & Mann, and Relco
  • Markings: Poodles should be marked or stamped with country of origin, date, numbers, and have their tags and labels in-tact

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Down Memorylane – Mid-Century Modern, Retro and Vintage Fun

Mid-Century Modern TurquoiseMid-Century Modern Turquoise2014-05-25 13.24.05 HDR

This long Memorial Day weekend was pretty warm – over 90 degrees! The vineyards are blooming and look lush here in California’s wine country. Saturday we attended a classic car show and ‘be-still-my-heart’ all the beautiful cars!! My favorites are the turquoise painted cars from the 50s and 60s. One day I will have a cute little turquoise Nash Metropolitan!!
Sunday we did the couple hour drive to Sacramento to visit my favorite antique mall…Midway Antique Mall. This mall has so much neat stuff – real time capsule era rooms; living rooms, dining rooms kitchens, offices, and more, straight from the 50s and 60s. We saw a really amazing, and working (was playing episodes of I Love Lucy) Philco Predicta television set that was a great price; we thought about it and thought about it as we wandered around the mall and left without it…..I think we might kick ourselves in the coming weeks. Here are some pics for you all.

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Mid-Century Modern Desk

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

Mid-Century Modern Turquoise

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table



Vintage 1950s Chrome Table