Same Old Same Old

Visited a couple antique shops and thrift stores this past weekend down in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square area it was the “same old same old” stuff I saw when I first moved down here almost six months ago. Kinda disapointing as this is exactly the time of year that I am out searching for vintage 1940s-1960s Chirstmas items like tablecloths, Napco and Lefton Christmas figurines and mercury glass ornaments and found nothing. Ok, in all honesty I did see a 1950s old Christmas tree stand (pictured). I still had a really good time as the day was gorgeous (I am starting to understand why people love California) and my husband was so sweet and came with me and in one shop the booth owner really took a liking to him and wouldn’t let him leave as he had so much to “talk” about regarding old post cards. Hope you all had a fun weekend and found some great stuff!! Click on the pics to enlarge.