Do You Collect Starbucks Coffee Mugs?

Starbucks city mugs collection

It appears that collecting Starbucks City Mugs is a new “hot” collectible. The first City collection was introduced in 1995and was the Icon series followed by the Collage series and then the Skyline series. Now there is the jumbo-sized City mugs series.

It is rumored that in 2004 a woman paid $1,000 for one of the Starbucks City mugs. In a recent August 13, 2009 eBay auction, a 1994 New Orleans 20 oz mug that displayed a Bourbon Street sign sold for over $528.00 and in another auction another mug of the same city sold for over $800!

So, if you are looking to start a collection you can pickup a Starbucks City mug for around $49.99 and Starbucks still occasionally introduces a new city mug so keep your eyes open and if you already have a couple of these mugs hold on to them because you never know when the price will skyrocket!